"Why Be A Star When You Can Be The Whole Galaxy" -V. Taybron circa June 2015

V. Taybron is a native San Franciscan currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She found her calling in 2013 when she created SaVorV.com an online resource for women in the domestic arts. Mostly known for tasty desserts, this online hub and bakery quickly gained the attention of many. She is also the creator of VNiverseGalaxy.com is a safe spiritual haven that allows individuals to level up spiritually by offering meditation, prayer, and encouragement resources online. V. Taybron has become the representative for modern day woman with a vintage soul. V. Taybron has been featured on The Huffington Post, Sheen Magazine, Jet Magazine, and more. V. Taybron shows us that we can be unapologetically spiritual with a dash of sass and a lot of class.